Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By berg89
#211781 Can we get pics of the car? :? If not its cool.
By gregalmighty
#212394 yeah they were c-10's with a bronze paintjob, I thought i saw them today on an integra cruising down the highway so I followed him until he came to a stop but turns out it wasn't them :( I posted a link to pics of the car but I'll post them to the thread too. I wish the cops would do more to catch these thieves, I mean I know in their eyes its just another stolen and burned civic but on the other hand its their city and where is their pride, I mean grand theft and arson are pretty serious crimes but they just don't see it that way. Its just a thorn in their ass thats all.
By BoostedD16
#213217 My buddies 92 coupe ls swapped white lowered with rota gt3's was stolen on september 1st from tri c in parma. This is messed up. My hatch was stolen in february they stole my rota circuit 10's, ever since my coupe doesnt go anywhere unless its out to cruise and i see it in my sight. Sorry to hear about the car man I've been there, not that bad, but it sucks I know.