Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
By hawkabeem
#207340 ok so sunday my friend calls me to tell me his coupe just got stolen its a 2000 si anyways he said who ever stole it was in a white f150 so we call some friends ans one of them seen it going down the road thay said a blond girl was drivind it so him and some other friends get in two cars and go looking for it well thay pulled up next to it at a light and my friend ryan hopes out of the car and drags the girl out by her hair and mike who owns the car ran up and kicked her in the face and the guy in the ford hoped out and thay went after him he hoped in the truck and left the girl in the road thay drug her away from the car and left with the car un harmed i was so happy that bitch got what she deserved i would of made sure she went to the hospital if it was me but she was out cold
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#207353 wow..

first off, even if a girl stole your car or not, you don't drag a female out a car by her hair and then proceed to kick her in the face.

second, your buddies are some dumb asses for doing what they did on a "hearsay" tip. i almost hope they get arrested and prosecuted for it.

not exactly a story to brag about... :wink:

EDIT: missed the part that the girl was actually driving the stolen car. thought your buddies just rolled up on a blonde chick drivin a white F-150 :lol:

that makes things a little different... ya, i probably would of gone ape shit too :lol:
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By jayEGR
#207358 true should of called the cops whil,e it was happening , u can beat the guys ass but it was probably the guy who wanted to take it in the first place and told her to do it not being on side but iam just sayin beating up a gurl [smilie=nono.gif] srry bro glad u got it bak or him but what if somethin happen ur contention come in and u regret it maybe u dnt care but it is what it is
By hawkabeem
#207375 true but in the end she still stole it i think she got what she deserved ya thay should have called the cops but the cops here arn't really doing anything to help us thay act like thay dont even care so everyone is tired of it and is starting to take maters in to there own hands i know its not the right thing to do but we have to do something
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By EJ1-danny
#207380 Fuck that bro you did the right thing any one touching my shit whether it be female or male I'm leaving with their fingers fuck that shit Aint cool man getting your shit stolen........... god forbid I ever get my car stolen
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By poorman type-r
#207388 Hahahahaha dumb bitch got what she derserved. So what if she wasnt in on it or whatever she was still driving the damn thing and knew exactly what she was doing. I probably would kick her in the face too, but i would've fucked that guy up also. Anyways, tell your friend good job :thumb: lol.
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By asianrob
#207463 damn this shit happened in midwestcity

did you get the tag numbers and shit? i might jsut post this on the local humble forum.

you should post this on nismokc and the other okc forums...
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By Eg6H2D
#207471 ok so did your boy get his car back or what. And for the recourd it's not an EK coupe. I believe it's a EM1. EK is hatchback. lol. newbie.. :thumb:
By hawkabeem
#207479 it happen in OKC and we always called them ek's but i think it really is a em1 to and ya he got it back
By hawkabeem
#207480 asianrob u may know my friend we call him si mike
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By Ajax1989
EG6b20R wrote:ok so did your boy get his car back or what. And for the recourd it's not an EK coupe. I believe it's a EM1. EK is hatchback. lol. newbie.. :thumb:

actually 96-00 honda civic's are "EK".. em1, ej8 ek9 so on.. its still a ek 8)

and i too would have kicked a bitch that was in my car
glad to hear you got it back
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By poorman type-r
#260828 Had to bump this thread. Such an awesome story lol. :thumb:
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By hazetuk
poorman type-r wrote:Had to bump this thread. Such an awesome story lol. :thumb:
i just shot a black guy from my second story window ontop of my front door in the shoulder i should of went black ops on his bitch ass but he was tryin to break in n i heard my car start nshit well turns out i have good aim n got him right in the shoulder but i also shatered my front window n got blood on my seat from him bleading but drug his bitch ass out n wooped his ass in the middle of the street good thing i stay in a colta sack :)) glad no body opens there mouth over here :hehe: well only the hoes but u know for wat :jawdrop: