Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By chilango41
#184080 My car just got stolen on a time frame of 10 pm an 12 am around 108th and L
Don't have much to say since I never I thought I would have to make a thread for this.
1995 Honda Civic Hatchback
License plate REE875
Most noticeable mods.
Replica spoon mirrors
Replica spoon lip
D16z6 with green valve cover
Megan Racing Headers
Door panels had tweeters & red cloth and pockets
JDM integra cluster
I <3 my eg sticker and omaha street sticker
Big fart can
CRX Si seats
Stereo was an Alpine CDA-105
JDM center console
Strut bar had a jdm as f*ck sticker

Just took this pictures today.

If you have any info give a call please
402.359.7092 Juan
Thanks :cry:
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By ChicagoMike
#184082 :o Dude thats awefull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it turns up, and you get it back in one piece.

Thieves FTL :x
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By Chance
#184083 Shit dude. Hope it was just joy riders for your sake homie. GL getting it back in one piece! :(
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By chilango41
#184085 Hope it was just joy ride too. Dont want to find it all stripped.
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By CivNation
#184105 My thoughts are with you and your poor EG, best of luck to you my friend.
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By dro21
#184157 dam that shit sucks...hope u find it 1peice
By MG6
#184542 like others, hope you find your ride. not cool when others take your ride.
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By chilango41
#184611 Thanks for the support. I still have'nt found my hatch but I think im getting closer to the thiefs.
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By Dippin_EG
#184678 FUCK THIEVES!!! :x

Sorry to hear man. I really hope you see your baby again... Did you post many pics up with the tags showing? Thats how alot of them are targeted.

I sleep with my Si right out the window, with a motion activated flood light on it that also shines in my room, and the .22 under the matress... Let someone try and steal my shit.

Good luck on getting it back bro.

And did you make any anti-theft precautions?
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By Welsh-CivicHB
#184877 :cry: such a nice car too mate, i'm sure she'll be in one piece when you find her!!! :)
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By chilango41
#184878 Have good and bad news.
The good new, the thief got caugh :) and I got most of my parts because they were all in his garage.

The bad news is that the EG that was in there wasnt mine :cry:

All in all I get my parts back and the thief goes to jail. Hopefully I find my hatch too.

Thanks for everyone's support and looking out :thumb:
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By Classiccarsrule85
#184886 Thats a bitter sweet ending but glad the damn theif got caught for once....hopefully someone sticks him in jail but yea glad to hear you got something back and somethings better than nothing.....
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By chilango41
#184888 Pretty sure hes going to spend a good amount of time in jail. Found a bunch of stolen parts and a EG and EK in the garage. Stolen too.

Yea i'm glad the thief got caught and that my parts came up :D
Maybe I could just find a shell and put all my stuff in it.