Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By chilango41
#158659 I hate thief's.. Any luck finding it??
By exer881
#158994 yeah it was found 3 days later, bastards just took the stereo.... they also messed up my door so now i am looking for a new door
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By chrono404
#158999 Be glad you got it back, I woudl recommend looking into better security.

One of our members suspendedhatch made a site all about doiong stelth security setups in our Cars.
http://causeforalarm.thecarthing.com/ve ... index.html

As the site says it will be a better setup then if you go to best buy and have them install a system as they leave the wires easy to access, making it easier to steal. However a stealth alarm can be undetectable if done properally.
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By Dippin_EG
#159002 im glad you got it back man. Some people are so fuckin petty, Like steal a car to take a stereo...... :?:

risk going to jail over a few bucks...... not me.

anyhow, im glad you two got reunited. 8)
By exer881
#159180 yup i know what you mean. i know she is not at all special but i still like it. Um as for an alarm I do not have the funds for one at the moment, as for security i just disconnect something every time i park. It is easy access and the car wont start :p... for obvious reason i am not stating what it is lol