Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
By MarinePoolee
94_jdm_ferio wrote:check ur oil
or change asap

the oil comin on is real bad news
its like the ring of death on the xbox360's

Checked the oil level it was low, checked for leaks ect. none.

So i added a quart and boom problem solved, idk how my oil got low going to keep and eye out for it, but as of now no more oil lights.
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By Ajax1989
#144337 ya keep an eye out for it
when it comes on it means your oil pressure is low
which could cause internal failer which means new motor..

but ya congrats on gettin her back
you should get the Club, unless they cut it off or tow the car, they cant steal the car :thumb:
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By Classiccarsrule85
#144353 everytime i see stuff like this i fear for my hatch we pour our heart soul and of coarse our money into these things and oye just sucks hearing about this stuff tho glad to hear you got it back tho im sure it felt off driving it.....or thats how i would feel always thinking howd they treat it what did they do etc etc....i mean im half peranoid already almost triple checking making sure ive done things to my car .....
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By asianrob
alldatJUICE wrote:
asianrob wrote:should have just put a camera in there and let the car sit there and see who fucking stole it.

na, they were done with it. sounds like some fuggin crumb bums takin change and shit.

glad to hear you got it back in one piece!!!

true but the smart jackasses leave the car in a "Safe zone" for a at least 24-36 hours just incase if it has lojack.

its almost as bad as the one episode of Dave chappelle where a bum broke in his car just to steal a candy bar! haha...