D15, D16, D17 and Mini-Me swaps
By broken
#6909100 Been awhile since I have been on here. I have a 92 SI with the D16Z6. The car has been off the road for the past 5 years. Starts and runs fine. Other then a slight stumble when I am coming to a stop. The Tach, which is stock, however is doing what ever it feels like. Sometimes it works like it is supposed to. Other times it is not indicating properly at all. I can be cruising at 30 in 4th gear and show no rpm at all. When I put my foot to the floor and the car accelerates the tach will all of a sudden just jump straight to 7 or 8k whatever the max range is on the gauge. Any Ideas?
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By EconoBox
#6909165 Check the ground under the dash for the cluster. It has a spade connector and attaches to a little tab that is on the sheet metal that the steering column is held up by.