Seats, Gauges, Dash, Panels, Trim , Carpet etc...
By MMastro
#318223 I'm asking $200 plus shipping/paypal fees for this UK VTI cluster with 140 mph speedo & 8000 rpm redline:
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By GotHatch?
#319149 Just asking but what makes it worth more than the 50-120 I normally see tach clusters going for?
By MMastro
#319165 This model only came on the UK VTI Civics with B series engines. Buying them from people in the UK and getting them shipped costs money and there just aren't that many of them out there. Basically it's relatively rare here in the US. What's different:
speedometer gauge reads in mph (unlike JDM/EDM/Canada?) and goes up to 140 vs 120 mph
rpm gauge redline is at 8000 rpm (first models with B16 I believe) vs Si's (D series) going to 7200
It has a fuel level low indicator light so that if you add a UK or USDM EK fuel level sender and run a couple wires you can have a more accurate idea of when you are running out of gas vs rolling the dice. This is nice between the inability of some pumps (operators where it's pumped for you) to fully fill the tank without clicking off and the gauge not being very accurate...
By t2dn999
#319766 Let me know if u still have the civic cluster. I want to offer u 200 shipped for it. I saw one on eBay not to long ago for 238 shipped.
By MMastro
#342519 I still have both these clusters
By MMastro
#344797 Cluster still for sale
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By Leppy
MMastro wrote:Cluster still for sale

I'm interested in it, but I gotta wait a little bit before I can afford it.
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#351282 Added some new parts
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#352484 Prices lowered on clusters
By edwin.eg6
#354857 Do you still have the vti cluster?