Discussion of the use of Nitrous on all motors
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By chrono404
#196643 The Zex kits are not a true wet kit. They use your OEM Fuel Injectors so there "Wet" Kit is a "dry" kit. The Smart Box is just Really smart marketing. it keeps you from getting detanation by giving a little bit more fuel. Same can be acheived by useing a Real Wet kit and having a one size bigger fuel jet.

Get a True Wet Kit for any American Muscle car off ebay.

Lowering your compression is lowering how much power you make. Its only good for Turbo Charged Setups where you force lots of extra air into the combustion chamber.

When you do a Nitrous build, you want to follow N/A Power setups, Such as using high compression pistons, etc.

Some ITB Setups use a spots to to reuse a on oem fuel rail in the oem stock place and some before the Throttle body. You can use the OEM rail spots to put in your Nitrous Kit.
By jefferydclark
#343992 super old thread but I cant let this thread go without someone clarifying that retarding your distributor is NOT tuning. running any kind of mod including nos/ whether it be a wet kit or dry kit will require real tuning. this thread(IMO) is a bust and should not be used as a sticky...again just my opnion as its a few guys arguing over stuff they honestly have no clue about. I don't know much about nitrous but I do know it requires a real tune or atleast a real kit that monitors AF ratios.