Turbo and Supercharger discussion
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By vince72310
#357404 Has anyone supercharged their jdm d15b? i wanna find me a Jackson Racing SuperCharger and bolt it up, i don't know much about SC so i would need some tips on what to install like injectors or if i need an intercooler etc. I know JRSC don't make them anymore but Kraftwerks do but idk if i wanna pay up to 3K for a SC lol
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By TrailerTrash
#357415 if the engine is nice and healthy i say go for it!

trust me on this, you dont want to go through the hassle of and old school JRSC. the chance of finding all the parts you need is slim to none at best. its not just take the intake manifold off and slap the blower on. you need the blower that has the correct pulley offset, the alternator bracket, the pulleys and hardware for the alternator bracket, and the belt. the belt is the only thing you might be able to find brand new if that.

i had found a blower/intake manifold on craigslist about 6 years ago for $350 and he even had one of the JRSC boost controllers to go with it. but no brackets or anything else i needed so i looked for 6 months trying to track down the parts i needed and eventually gave up and sold it(which took 4 months)

the Kraftewerks kits are just the way to go man its that simple. if you are dead set on supercharging that is. there is turbocharging