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By Sheppo_GLi
#331768 All the way up in Mackay QLD
By civic-chic
#332189 I'm in FNQ.
I've got the only EG I've seen in the area. It's pretty rare to see even the new civics around here.
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By peter_g
#358228 New to the Forum, Originally from Aberdeen Scotland, I used to have a 2004 Civic Sport. That was a blinding car and convinced me to get this 1994 EG Civic.

I now live in Perth WA with the Civic that is storm damaged and looking for ways i can get rid of the damage and if I can find guides on how to remove the wing and other panels to try smoothing out the dimples, as well as getting the engine back into a good mechanical state that would be an awesome start.Once that is done I will look into making it look beautiful (could be a Spray job to Sun beam yellow, below is a good idea of what I would like