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By Bigal04
#359019 Will the sunroof from a coupe fit a four door. My sunroof is busted
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By EconoBox
#359029 NO.

The glass is a different part number and so is the whole assembly.

Coupe to Hatch is interchangeable. But the Sedan can NOT fit the coupe or hatch sunroof. If you look at how the sedan sunroof opens you'll see the major difference right away. The sedan opens by sliding into the roof. Coupe and hatch the glass pops up and slides back outside of the roof skin.

Also the glass is not available OEM so you will have to track it down in a junkyard or an aftermarket glass company may make a replacement.
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By 69cuda340s
#6909118 These cars are stilling showing up in local junk yards and pic and pulls around me. I recently got a complete sunroof for a 2 dr for $50 glass and complete sliding assembly. So if you have junk yards pick and pulls you might be able find one.