Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
By Dport
#301875 as soon as i'm out of work i'll do that. Thanks!
By hondasrlife
#312061 im in Aurora for like two weeks. Any meets in the Aurora/Denver area?
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By Verocyn69
#324626 Im In Grand junction now but I do come to denver frequently...ill lost next time im headed down there
By wakkjobb
#328768 "Last post was my birthday" bump...

I'm in Colorado Springs and am getting tired of kids revving on me. I'm 35, I drive my 92 hatch for its mileage, it's 3 colors... go away.

I met a guy from GJ that pulled a 414 whp run at Revolutions here last year; bought a Z6 head from him. Shaun C something... it was a red EK hatch on E85 I think.

But sadly it seems like most Honda folks in this area/town are ricey more than performance... I just have to find the latter group and cruise with them on my Toyota 13s. :D
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By Virux
#337123 '94 Phantom grey EG here west of Denver. Not really worthy of cruising with yet, but I'm here and slowly improving my bondo! Really chill and non-rice.
By HeikDiesel
#337175 Four Corners area here. No one into imports, it's disappointing really..
By HeikDiesel
#349029 Welcome to the site. Good luck on the build.
#352246 maybe not