Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
By rockb1
#146291 Another guy from Muskegon here
By rookie
#165630 im from LANSING
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By 94delsoltyper
#169653 traverse city here!!
By WhitEG2
#180931 Adrian Mi here. I'm on xceed. 1fst4dr on there
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By tifsimn
#231445 Another Michigan person here!!
I'm in the middle of the Thumb.......
Mr Pink knows me...
musmaro was like a little brother to me..
I'm one of the OLD honduh guys...................
tifsimn on xceedspeed.....
tifsimn on efhonda
tifsim on sohconly
tifsimn on mihondas
tifsimn everywhere but sohconly........
By Binks
#232190 im from the mitten too.
mr pink knows me as well..i do own his old car
musmaro(ryan) was a good friend as well.
im the arrogant smart ass binks_666 on xceedspeed

im not so arrogant on here though lol
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By lowSIR
#242892 Lansing. im on teh xceed aswell. limedsm
By Rajaniemi91
#261104 I from the Detroit area, but i just moved here so i dont really have any car/honda buddies. Im also on exceed too. Same sn that im using here. hit me up sometime, im down to meet some new peeps. 8)
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By ggallinstyle
#295548 i am also from jackson just bought my first eg yesterday
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#312767 PONTIAC, MI HERE BUT.....damn it caps (to lazy to re-write) okay livin' in VA now tho', But hello my fellow Michiganders. :P