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By Virux
#339662 I'm not even going to bother clicking that link to be honest.
I've had a bad enough day as it is, lol.

evil-G-nius wrote:I feel like I lost a friend....never met Paul Walker but its funny how some people impact your life in a way you never knew until they were gone.

This. :)

Virux wrote:I think a prelude to the movie in his memory would be good.
and here it is!
#339702 RIP Paul!
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By Virux
#352980 So on the 31st I managed to get into an early screening of Furious Seven, 3 days before the official release. I gotta' say, aside from the cliche' action flick moments and rev-battles, it was a great movie. They really put Paul to rest very well. Big props to the director James Wan and the crew of course.

Rest in Peace buddy. #rememberthebuster (and Rodas)
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By EconoBox
#352991 I gotta say I loved the movie. They did a great job handling Paul's death and closing up a lot of holes from previous films ( I really wish we got to actually see the race between DK and Dom). And that closing scene... *tear*

* Don't read below unless you have seen Furious 7 spoiler alert*

Watching Hector get punched by Letty was hilarious I didn't expect them to bring him back even just for that quick appearance.

Now we have been told they are making Fast & Furious 8 and it will be filmed in New York. I think Furious 7 was a great wrap up for this cast and I can see the franchise continuing to do well with spin offs and new cast members. If they keep the team revolving around Dom they will have to address the situation of Brian and Mia not ever being around Dom or anyone else. I know they can use the excuse of not wanting them to be a part of the 'lifestyle' anymore but it will have to be addressed at some point. Whatever they come up with I'm sure I'll watch it since I have been a fan for damn near 15 years. I've watched the premiere show for each and every one since 2001 :cruisin:
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By Mr Rattles
#353325 Awesome movie,they did a great job. That supra though wow