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Apexracing wrote:Well i guess the safest thing to do would be for every one to drive a econo box. Ive often wondered what the point of selling a 200+mph street car is any ways........

Now you just sound communist. :p
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By Apexracing
JUICE wrote:Now you just sound communist. :p

Haha. It never fails, there is always that one asshole that has to show off after a car show or event. I'm baffled to as why they thought it was a good idea to do what they did. I guess we will never know.
#339552 RIP Paul Walker
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By silverEG8
#339553 RIP Paul Walker. Godspeed!
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By ohDirka
#339558 I also thought it was a hoax when I first saw it. Then I found out it was true. Very sad. I'd image a lot of us would not be here if it weren't for those movies. They may not have been factual or practical, but the fact is it showed that you dont have to have a $100,000 supercar to have a fast car. There is a whole generation of car enthusiast that are out in their garages wrenching on cars because they found their passion in cars from these movies. I for one probably wouldn't have been into imports had it not been for these movies. It is a great shame that someone that was a true car nut had to die.

RIP Paul Walker
RIP Roger Rodas
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By fago88
#339559 I was totally shocked yesterday.... Brian O'Conner was the guy who brought me in the whole honda game....seriously :shock:

RIP!!! As Brian O'Conner he was a role model, idol, hero :cruisin:
All the best for his friends and family :(
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By Phoenix288
#339560 Regardless of super car safety and auto safety in general.
It's a sad day for JDM car fans and fast & furious fans. RIP P. Walker !

I hope they still get the next F&F out for him and us. It would be the best memorial to him.

Just to remind all the critics out there, the Porsche Carrera GT is the most powerfull car Porsche has ever produced and is known to be tail happy and difficult to control.

As one Jeremy Clarkson says: If you take these cars to far, they bite your head off.

edit: I had a look at the pics on the net. The car broke off in half just where the seats are located. It hit the tree sideways on the passenger door where Paul would have been sitting. I have no doubt in my mind that he went instantly.
I can't have the same certainty about his racing driver buddy Rodas but he had to go real fast to rip the car appart like that. After that, the fuel ignited and as the tank is in the front it burned down that part of the car.

The only thing that baffles me is that the head lights are not from a Carrera GT and you can'tt buy it new anymore.
I had a look and the car he was driving was the new Porsche 918 Spyder.

I guess Porsche Spyders are deadly to actors. See James Dean...
By bks84
#339566 there are reports that there was another car involved, possibly street racing, or they cut them off.

there is also reports that the car hit a metal light pole and then the tree...
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By Virux
#339567 I just want to be clear that the driver, Roger, raced many professional series along with Brian. Not only did he own the Always Evolving performance shop hosting Brian's charity event that they left from not minutes before the crash, but also a race team with the same name, which Brian drove in. Roger's favorite cars were Porsche's, specifically the Carrera GT. Google street view reveals plenty of rubber on the surrounding streets, obviously Always Evolving was very familiar with the area. They were driving on a straight, wide, quiet street when the accident occurred. They were probably doing a quick pull and something unexpected happened. That's a risk we all take as enthusiasts and I'm especially guilty of the lonely avenue. They both knew exactly what they were getting into and I can respect their lifestyle.

A "Remember the Buster" sticker is in my future.. he was certainly an inspiring character. I'll never forget the green Eclipse scene in the stadium parking lot-- the first movie was always my favorite, and I wasn't afraid to admit it among the haters; including very recently at a local meet. So I'm pretty depressed about all of this.. it's difficult to even recognize that it's real.

R.I.P. Paul Walker.

Do we want to talk about the movies here, or is that off-topic?
By bks84
#339568 I just want the speculation to stop, Id like to know for sure what happened.
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By Phoenix288
#339570 I don't think the movies are off topic since it is a big part of who he was. His career took off with the 1st F&F if I'm not mistaken.

I found an article on the web that they were still going through with F&F7. "A lot of writing hs to be done to the scenario" and "there will be a mourning period for the staff" so the movie will be understandably have a delayed release.

I respect them for this decision. A good way to honor Paul.
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By Virux
Phoenix288 wrote:I don't think the movies are off topic since it is a big part of who he was. His career took off with the 1st F&F if I'm not mistaken. I found an article on the web that they were still going through with F&F7.

I don't know about that, most of the articles that I've read are saying it's going to be a political issue, it will be difficult for them to portray dangerous driving now. Besides, I'm sure all the people that worked with Paul (the entire FF family..) is going to have a very hard time moving on without him. If they do, I think a prelude to the movie in his memory would be good. Other than that I wonder if they'll start the movie with post-event news casts of Brian being killed in a car crash, or maybe the new bad guy will have already killed him. Those are my predictions.

I respect them for this decision. A good way to honor Paul.

I agree, I think FF7 should continue just because he was so enthusiastic about it.
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By evil-G-nius
#339653 What a stupid whore. She should off herself for being an adult and still rocking the goth let alone bashing someone who apparently was a genuinely nice person! WTF?

I feel like I lost a friend....never met Paul Walker but its funny how some people impact your life in a way you never knew until they were gone. The last celebrity I felt like this for was Alliyah...RIP Paul, you are and forever will be missed!