For Sale & Want to Buy
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By teal_dx
#22 1. Start the title of your post with FS: if you have something 'For Sale', or WTB: if you 'Want To Buy' something.

2. Putting your State or State abbreviation in your title will help, people will be more likely to click if they are closer to you in distance.

3. Give details and pictures.

4. Give a price, if you only say "make an offer", don't be offended by lowball offers.

5. If you don't agree with someone's price, do not post trash in their thread.

6. Always be cautious when buying/selling over the internet. Paypal is safe, Western Union is not. If you get scammed, it is not's fault. The safest deals are locally, in person.

7. Use, be sure the title is clear by checking the VIN