Civics don't really drift- but if you want to talk Drifting, here's the place
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By Kane
#150907 damn

this is always up and about on most car forums
gets on my tits

ff cars cant drift


only think ff cars cant do is power over, obvs because the back wheels arnt spinning.

im geussing everyone has seen this ?

and theres another one somewere with some old skool scooby rexs kicking it side ways :)
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By Kane
#150908 the magic wand looks kinda loose when he's yanking it mind..
By crm114
#160242 New to the forum, love it. I owned the !st Honda car in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia way back in 1972. It was a Blue Z600 Coupe I bought for $1549 from Rosenthal Chevy in Arlington, Va. Check this out:

I moved to Denver & thrashed it down Old Gold Camp Road, drifting nearly all the way. More like rallying, but definitely lock to lock steering and hanging it way out over the edge for the pucker factor, not just in a pkg lot. :hehe:

Great little car, radials, rack & pinion, 10" wheels, AM radio, 51 mpg. back in '73.

Great road, (play this back at 2x to get the idea)
one way for 12 miles, think the best " Old" part is closed now for cars tho.

Peace, PBF 92 si hatch (next posts much shorter)
By asiann1nja
#161201 to me FF drifting is drifting but it all really depends on your definition of drifting. FF drifting is out there. There are schools that teach it and they can FF drifting is allowed in competitions in japan. The one thing that i know FF's cant do is powerslide. Powersliding is when you use the throttle to get the car to oversteer and then countersteer thus the name powerslide. FF cars use the handbrakes or Scandinavian flick not throttle to oversteer.
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By sneepereg
#161207 can you say flat spots on your tires?
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By Coplies
#222684 Got bored last night so i decided to go have some fun with Joplies

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By Joplies
#222721 that was some good shit too. it was definitely a lot sicker in person.
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By 1-low-92-EG-Sedan
#291602 plastic trays are over rated...yu gotta use those metal baking pans...lmao..lasts alot longer and makes sparks....much more fun...just sayin...its funny..when i bought my car...i opened the trunk the next day and found used baking pans..."hmmm wonder why they would have those in the trunk" says my girlfriend... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Wonabe
#336858 There's an EG9 that always competes in the local Drift Event, tandems with an EF. I'd love to try it. Anyone ever saw the Falken EF Hatch? fwDRIFTIN'!