Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Lines & more- OEM and Aftermarket
By Ryan Burman
#361556 I bought my first Civic a while back a 1992 CX Hatch. Had some engine troubles so I bought a 1995 Integra SE for a B swap. Anyways, I nabbed everything brake wise except the proportioning valve. From what I can gather from part numbers the front discs are the same but would the front calipers be an upgrade? I've got the whole spindle assembly and don't need ABS. I've also got the complete rear trailing arms I plan to swap over. Somewhere I read the front spindles of an Integra are different from a civic and will through the suspension off? Thanks new to Hondas outside of my wifes Odyssey. Mainly been a American v8 guy up to this point. Thanks for any help. Really hard to find answers searching the web.