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By 93sihatchguy
#359127 Hi, I saw on another forum that someone was able to install the stock EK tweeter sail panels into their 92-95 Civic. If you've done it, can you clarify how you were able to make it fit?

Link to other site, i'm also a forum member there but I think it's dead, really low activity.
By HeikDiesel
suspendedHatch wrote:Just like the EG EX panels.

EG's are built into the door panel, EK's fit in the triangular piece behind the side mirror above the door panel.
By imawakenow
#360968 I read that post as well and pulled some EK sail panel tweeter enclosures from a yard. I hoped to make them fit in my VX. I know it's possible to use panels from an EX coupe with tweeters, but I'd rather have them in the sail panel (interior side mirror trim) than the door. I got out my heat gun and twisted stuff around and couldn't make them fit. I don't really see how you could, given where the mounting tabs are. I'm going to try to fab something out of regular EG sail panels. Maybe I didn't drink enough beer... :cheers: