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By Diego
#361372 Dear good evening

I have a AEM EMS S1 installed on my civic EG6 B16 engine, but after I turn on O2 feedback, cut off don’t work more.
How can I do configure the options of the O2 feedback for continue to have cut off in decelerations?

Waiting returns, thanks.
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By suspendedHatch
#361373 Decel fuel cut off?
What are the conditional settings for DFCO?

Actually, just ask on the aempower forums. I haven't had the EMS since mine failed back in 2009 or 10.
By Diego
#361377 Good morning

I dont found the parameter DFCO, where are its?

Folow the informations below:

O2 FB Control = check
O2 FB + limit = +10%
O2 FB - limit = - 10%
O2 FBGain = 1
O2 FB Coolant = 50 °C
o2 FB max = 5000 rpm
O2 FB min = 500 rpm
Accel O2 FB inhibit = 196 mS
Decel O2 FB inhibit = 196 mS
Accel fuel load = 85 kPa

By Diego
#361393 I changed the tps for 4% and the cut-off start work again.

Now I need to adjust the idle, when cold engine, afr its fine,about 0,96 ~1, but when heat engine, the afr is much rich, 0,86 at idle.

How do i can to correct this?