ECU, Wiring, Sensors
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By Laziz
#345278 Hi guys! I've got lucky to get a new engine for my carbed EG3 d13b2. It's a ZC DOHC otherwise known as d16a9, it comes from CR-X Del Sol 1992. It's a 3rd generation of ZC DOHC (non-vtec), it runs on OBD1 wiring and P29 ECU.
Well, now I have: -engine d16a9 -engine loom from the same d16a9 -P29 ECU -wires pieces which come into ECU. I know I need a injected fuel tank and so on, but here is my problem:
I don't know what should I do with the rest of the wiring=interior loom. What diagrams should I follow If I leave my interior loom (if it's possible)
What interior loom should I take for the swap?
Could you share your links to useful wiring diagrams?
Please, guys, I need your help! So much time I'm traveling through a lot of info, but seems more I find, more I feel lost. :?