ECU, Wiring, Sensors
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By smartie
#343370 Hey guy's, As the title suggests I'm in the process off pulling apart my doner car to swap the D15b into my carbied d13 eg hatch.
So I've gone through and just about pulled the whole electrical system from head lights to tail lights but wasn't sure if I needed to use the ignition module aswell. Will there be any differnce in the ignition between the two cars?
Any help greatly appreciated
By Shift
#344338 Yo guy....
Were you able to get any assistance with this question? I would like to do the same conversion but I do not know how to go about it.
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By smartie
#345884 Hey mate, I couldn't really find and definitive answer so I just ripped out the whole steering column and ignition barrel to be safe. The mass mess of bits in
my garage to convert to efi is mind boggling and now it's been a few months since I pulled it all apart I hope I remember where it all goes haha.