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By thebigjcp
#341345 Here is the problem. Normally when you turn the key to the on position the check engine light and oil pressure light will come on and you can hear the relay for the fuel pump, then you turn the key to start and the engine turns over and then starts running.
lately I have an intermittent issue where when you turn the key on the check engine light does not come on turn to start and it turns over but does not start. I have even been driving and the engine quits and I have to pull over shut the ignition off and restart the car. Could this be a bad relay in the power to the ECU or is my ECU about die?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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By Rmnpvlyk
#341355 There could be many reasons for that.
No fuel
Something wrong with fuel injection
Battery not tightly connected (car stalls after a while if battery loses connection)
Same with alternator (if its weak) the car wont have any juice to give to sparks after awile on the road
Check and see if the battery is being grounded some where (faulty wire hanging around waiting to short battery)
If your car is low on oil (ecu will shut off car)
Check if any of your fuses are blown (or make sure all of them are firmly in)
Check your egxuast if it lets out air (cat or mouse might get in and not allow airflow)
Same with intake
The wires under the steering wheel (that none are open and touching ground)
By thebigjcp
#344348 Well it ended up being the contacts in the ignition switch. One of the contacts was bad and was getting really hot when it did work, so I replaced the contacts on the back of the switch.