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By GotHatch?
#319203 Does anyone have any experience with LED bulbs? I am ordering some new turn signals and need amber bulbs and was thinking the LED 1156 style bulb thought I would ask here first.
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By Flatland_EG
#319214 I've never done LED's in the blinkers but from what I've heard and read you're going to need to replace the relay so your blinkers will work properly, the original ones use resistance to make them blink and the LED's won't give near enough to make the relay work properly. Don't quote me on this, just like I said this is just what heard/read, hopefully somebody else will chime in and confirm or give there take on the situation. :thumb:
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By gtstripes
#319217 will need to change relay fo sho

just get LED reverse lights and call it a day :) dont need briiiight turn signals :)
By GotHatch?
#319245 Well I ordered my turnsignals and said what the hell and ordered 2 LED bulbs for em from hong kong lmao figured I could afford to waste 4 bucks just to see if I would even like them. Only reason I was thinking about LED"s is i think they actually LED part looks cool and I am using black housing turn signals.
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By gabriel0422
#334120 i got LED reverse lights and it looks siick got it off of ebay and there bright.. turn signals i see pointless i have black housing and my signal lights are tinted so no need for LED
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By AutoXRacer
#336005 have you guys ever looked into LED Projector Reverse Lights?!
I have a set of these in mine and they are rediculous! ... t_id=30829

If you google LED vs Projector Reverse Bulb the difference is crazy.
just throwing it out there.
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By silverEG8
#343077 I changed my park lights and rear plate holder lights to LEDs, and since then, I have been changing these LED bulbs occasionally. Them LEDs either get busted or start to blink. :lol:

Must be on the quality of the LED bulbs, I guess.