By Sleepy94
#6907725 :headscratch: have recently acquired a 94 eg with an h22a1 blue top 5 speed swap in it. This is what I know about it.

H22a1 approximately 170k but rebuilt pulled from a 96 prelude
Skunk 2 coilovers
Bwr camber kit
15" Rota 5 spoke rims
Chipped p28
Slim electric fan wired to dash.
Spectre cold air intake
Skunk 2 intake manifold 70mm
Skunk 2 vavle springs
skunk 2 cams and gears
Clutch master stage 2 clutch
8lb flywheel
tri-y header 3" pipe custom straight pipe.
Skunk 2 shifter nob
Innovative mounts
map sensor (not sure the brand)
battery relocated to trunk
no power steering
custom axles
New alternator and belt
The car red lines at 6800-7000 rpm
Curious what the safe limit to rev to is and what is the best rev limit for continuous pull with out power loss.