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By jturner8
#6908982 Hey guys. I'm new to this forum but not new to Hondas. I have a 1995 civic VX hatchback EG3. I have the D15Z1 VTECH-E motor. I have 190,000 on it but max I can get is 45mpg. I'm in California & wanted to swap to a Federal ECU to gain more mpg. I got a 37820-PO7-A00 ECU & installed it in place of my stock 37820-P07-L02 ECU. Will this work? Do I need a different ECU? Do I need to change out the O2 sensor/add/remove a wire? Check engine light came on automatically once I installed the A00 which was expected. Trying to get some more MPG out of this one for a while before I complete gut her & drop in a bigger motor. Looking for a VTECH-E/ VX guru here because I cant seem to find any info on how to do this conversion properly. Thanks everyone!

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By EconoBox
#6908983 I'm not sure what all the differences are. But with a quick glance at the Honda parts catalog the CA and Federal (KA & KL) don't look to be massive. Looks like a different exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, engine harness, and oxygen sensor.

I think you are on the right path with the idea of changing the O2 sensor and rewiring it. Or grab a federal engine harness and slap it in the chassis harness is the same part number between the KA & KL 1995 VX hatchback.
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By suspendedHatch
#6909004 Converting the O2 isn't as simple as adding more wires to the ECU. It's not difficult though. You can find that kind of plug connector on different places on junkyard cars. Honda Accords are a good source.
I forget which are CA and which are fed. You can google it. Not sure if is still around, I think it became fuel savers or something. Everything you need to know is there. Hyper Miling never caught on over here.