Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By teal_dx
#75747 I'll still keep an eye out on craigslist but hope everyone checks their local craigslist for these parts. These thieves are obviously organized and moving these stolen parts/cars somewhere... I don't know why the police have not set up a "bait car" civic yet :roll:
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#75792 cause thay are fuckin bigs :x :x
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By Blk95coupe
#77523 Wow what a Beautiful car man if you don't mind I'm going to post this on a local site here in Kansas its a far shot but anything to try and help you out man.

God I have so many words for the people who steal cars why just why can't they leave anything alone and let us build our pride and joy :thumbdown:
By Bowman06
#77553 please do, post away. anything to find who continues to do this, this is ridiculous!
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By teal_dx
#79624 Dan, I saw this a couple days ago and then it dawned on me why would someone part out a red hatch that isn't totaled? He has 2 fenders, a hood, 2 doors and a tail gate all in good shape. Maybe the only damage was a rear 1/4 panel but still... keeping an eye out for ya. If you know of any dents/scratches your car had on these panels to ID them as yours, it might be worth looking into.


would be dumb for them to sell them so close to home, but thiefs are dumb so you never know
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By sneepereg
#84162 omg that civic is sooooo clean im so sorry bro that realy suck

goodluck hope you find it

By TurboHatch
#87746 this is probably one time that a ignition and fuel pump kill would have saved you from being ripped off. Now a days the best thing is to install one of the tracking devices that track you with GPS and cell phone towers, you can hide the device where no thief will find it with out taking the car apart and you get a txt message and phone call if your car is moved out side of the zones you set and then you can either track them your self and administer your own justice or dial 911 and get a patrol car to go to the location.
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By CivicTypeR
#91637 :cry:
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By ShEfA
#97053 Even though I am far far away from the USA, EGs are being stolen all the time! :? What do they see in them, they are not the fancy BMW and others that chicks dig... as*holes, I wish I could catch one of them on the spot... I will personally teach him a lesson, also a lot of other EG owners will too, even if they still have their babies
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By Kyle94ex
#98850 Oh no!
Dude that fucking sucks.
I hate thieves more than anything! :thumbdown:
Hope you get it back man "crosses fingers"
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By Graham
ShEfA wrote:What do they see in them

The fact they're piss easy to steal might have something to do with it :P
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By LaMbErT*
#98914 lol @ graham. What cunts man, ad hate to have to spend as much on gettin a b18 as security but sometimes it has to be done im glad i don't live in an area thats known for it they mostly just slash tyres and all that