Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
By civic_loner22
#252767 my friends kailtin bright aass yellow crx was stolen last week. yestarday we found the fag who was rockn her wheel wen cops showed he started to cry. crx is still not recovered but i have a feeling he gonna tell us everything
http://www.tamparacing.com/forums/honda ... ellow.html

looks like kaitlins wheels....
upon further investigation... and a phone call i made... the tires matched with what kaitlin had on her crx.
the culprit...
yes he really is crying
his tag

i was told to leave the scene but from what i know... he had a warrant for his arrest, he was cuban, and REALLY scared.... so was his boy that jamie, his dad, friend, and i made it a note that this wasnt over :)
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By hambone089
#252769 hope they get the crx back, and hopefully the rest of its still in tact.
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By 1ACarlos
#252775 Not happy the CRX was stolen but at least catching the person is a step in the right direction.
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By {ikon}EM1
#252806 That's y I like those wheels... they're dope and barely anyone has em and easy to identify ... I bet if she had some xxr sportmaxx wheels on her crx they wouldn't have even found the person who took him cus everyone has em now...

:lol: at the fact that u took the pic of his crying....
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By Flatland_EG
civic_loner22 wrote:Image


If the CRX isn't recovered they should make him hand over the hatch. :thumb:
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By LaosToaster
#253728 u should steal all his parts see how he likes it. fucking dumass thieves. i betchu he stole all the other parts that dont match his paint.
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By Classiccarsrule85
#253825 i lol'd at that pic worth a few photoshops wish i had it big time....

but yea i second the motion to give the hatch to the person whom crx was stolen....it just seems right in a way that the wheels where on his car so why not or at least let the wheels return to the owner. and maybe the guy who was using them tied up with a bow on top and a bat saying 15mins no questions asked ....and maybe beat info out of him seems an easy break
By nvturbo
#263608 Typical thief. If he didn't steal the CRX, I'm sure he personally knows the mofos who did. Car thieves are just like roaches...they're everywhere. Get rid of one, five pops up.
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By Hatch-O-Doom
#264105 Glad you caught the F*** that did or or was doing it! I wish I could have cought the guy that stome mine a few weeks ago and stripped it and left it on the side of the road!
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By HatchbackCrusader
#264113 Don't cry now bitch, you shouldn't of been tryna steal other peoples shit that they work hard for, unlike yourself. I saw the florida tag and wasn't surprised at all. It's rediculous down here. Glad that idiot got caught! Don't drop the soap muthafukkkaaa!! :fucker: :fucker: :fucker:
By 93sihatchguy
#280873 Good he was caught. Did the PD recover the crx?