Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By Aldo91
#218971 hey guys someone stole my car this morning in san diego its a lowered hatchback rolling on some rota auto x black with a red lip. thanx guys.

Edit:yeah here is a pic ill find some more.

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By MG6
#218972 I am sorry to hear about that... any pictures? Hope you get it back.
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By Torch_Ind
#219040 I'm shocked ek's get stolen so much. you think they would steal new cars.

must be to much anti theft in the new ones or something
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By ron_kimi
#219042 sorry to hear that .

I hope you can recover it.
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By Aldo91
#219045 thanx guys, the thing is my dad left for work at 7 am and my car was there, i took a shower and was leaving for school at 9am i walk out of my house and its gone. :(

why cant people just get a legit job instead of stealing? :x :x
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By berg89
#219051 Sorry man. :thumbdown: