Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
By sheldon911
#167315 Hey guys i hardly ever come here anymore but im in need of some HUGE help . My car got stolen yesterday. Im beyond pissed but to top this all off i dont think i will hardly get any money for my 4 dr EG. The insurance company took pics when my last claim happened so they know its not in amazing condition . The thing is all the stuff iv put into it has made it well worth 3K.

So here's were you people come in to save my day . Alll my reciptes are in the dash of my car ( stupid right ) So im not going to be getting covered for any of them unless i can find some . Can you guy's throw some image's or emails of invoices for some EG parts . Im just looking for about 1000$ worth so i can make up for my loss's .

Help a guy out so i can afford another car in the same condition !
Thanks alot guys

you can email image's of invoices to darksheldon@hotmail.com
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By teal_dx
#167384 Hmmm if a member has a receipt for a part they ordered/bought, it would have their name on it. I'm gonna lock this because this *might* be considered insurance fraud. If something goes down, I don't want it to be traced back to here. :eh:

Everybody insure your cars for what they are worth WITH the aftermarket parts on it.
I did this, it was as easy as giving a list of mods to your insurance company with the cost of each part. And keep your receipts separate :wink: