D15, D16, D17 and Mini-Me swaps
By Kane Rübernz
#361276 Hey,

So I have a z6 swap in my dx (carb) so I converted it using an external pump (walbro)

My question is; how do I turn down the power to the pump? Currently getting 45V!

It is very loud and that cannot be the right volts for it!

Any idea what resistor I'd need to get it in the 12-15v region?
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By EconoBox
#361277 Make sure your volt meter is on the correct settings. Considering our cars run a 12 volt electrical system and usually running with the alternator charging they hold steady at 13.8 volts. seeing 45 volts out of the electrical system anywhere on your Civic is a major issue. Battery with the car off should be reading around 12 volts (between 10.5-12 volts) when tested between the positive and negative terminals. Normally when wiring in an aftermarket pump (internal or external) I run a separate fused power wire back to the pump using a 5 pin 30amp or higher rated relay to turn it on and off using the factory wiring. Basically the exact same as this kit here http://www.xenocron.com/fuel-pump-relay-p-497.html?osCsid=fh51f2j89rg0qrovddt3g0r177

No resistor should be needed anywhere to control the voltage the voltage regulator built into the alternator should be doing its job.
By Kane Rübernz
#361278 Hey,

Thanks for ur reply!

Had a fiddle. showing around 12V now :)

However.. its still running max flow, which is 9 Bar :shock:
No idea why, but I have ordered an AEM fpr and a gauge so i can turn it down!
By Kane Rübernz
#361285 Fitted my new FPR (looks great!)

However, still ridiculously loud!

I have mailed Walbro and I am awaiting the rsvp from them lol, I think maybe i need to drop the volts and get the flow rate down.

I'll post some pics up so you guys can take a look at how its mounted, wired etc and then maybe can offer some advice

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By EconoBox
#361289 The fuel pump will always flow the full flow rate for the voltage it is at that is normal. Your pressure regulator is there to limit what actually goes to the engine. When that is properly installed and adjusted the fuel pressure will hold around 43psi with the vacuum line off at idle. Any extra fuel will just run down to the tank through the return line. And the fuel pumps are always loud there is nothing wrong with it. You're just used to the stock one that is much quieter because it's inside of the tank and muffled by fuel and everything else in the way of it.

For your pressure regulator you should have the line out from your fuel pump running from the pump to the fuel filter and then into the passenger side of your fuel rail. On the drivers side of the fuel rail you should have a line going to your fuel pressure regulator and then a line from the pressure regulator down to the return line. Your fuel pressure gauge can be installed on the pressure regulator itself, on the fuel rail, or even on top of the OEM fuel filter if you are using it still. Use the adjustment of your aftermarket pressure regulator to control the fuel pressure to the proper setting. A stock FPR may not properly control fuel pressure with the increased flow rate.
By Kane Rübernz
#361361 Hey,

Installed an AEM FPR, set at 40psi and it's still loud as hell.

However, when i moved the pump lower down it become a lot less noisy.

So, the new project it to move the pump underneath the car and run it inline, with AN fittings.
I'm 99% sure the noise is due to the fact the pump is pulling uphill.
With it mounted beneath the car, it should work a lot better.

Will post up when I have completed with pics :)