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By rusty_eg3
#6908613 Hey everyone! Not much has been done since I last posted although I managed to paint my wheels and buy a few parts that were in need of replacing. My transmission is making weird noises for the last 20k kilometers, which I suspect is the mainshaft bearing and combined with the oil burning issue it's safe to say that a swap will come soon.

I ordered a bunch of parts:
bushings for the rear LCAs

Rear LCAs with sway bar mounting points, I have the sway bar too, didn't took a picture of it
rear LCAs primered (old bushings still on them)

Rear trailing arms from a really rusted Del Sol, with Hardrace bushings still in good shape
I have to make this stuff look pretty

Refurbished the rear brakes, rotors are not new but I can get 3-4000 miles out of them dunno

The current state of the Civic is this:
rarest car in the world, an (almost) stock civic

More pictures coming soon since this is the maximum allowed per reply. 8)