Snow, Beer, Sports... and some of the finest EG's in the Midwest.
#299937 This is exactly what I was gunna ask...I know of two good machine shops in Cleveland since I live there.
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By teal_dx
#299939 I had some block & crank work done at

and a turbo balanced at ... 14&iwloc=A

Both shops did great work.
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By SkunkDcivic
#299981 I need my block bored and sleeved with my darton sleeves
#300331 there is a shop that i just dropped my block off at. its called gellner engineering, you should check it out bro.
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By AnnaleeBum
#425430 you live in Bellingham.. and youre going to "swing by" Monroe

- кстати (немного не по теме) на днях наткнулась на хороший сайт, который возвращает часть денег от покупок в интернете!
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