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By odd_dodol
#6908030 guys...can you post a diy thread on how to fix or make a battery holder coz mine is coroded to hell. the last owner place plastic plate on top of the original metal without securing it in place, so it was loose. i use cable tie to hold it.

p.s. i want post pic but still a noob with the photobucket thing :|
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By teal_dx
#6908037 I made a quick one for our Gambler 500 rally car:
Any piece of metal with holes drilled will do in a pinch. I'd look online though and buy a nice aluminum one for your car. You can get aluminum aftermarket ones for $10 on ebay. OEM ones go for around $20. For the time it takes to make your own, it's probably easier to buy one if you don't already have the scrap metal and tools around.