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By Driv-it-hard
#358212 If you need some diagrams on the electrical, let me know and I can scan them from the repair book and email right to you. Some wires might have a different color code on them, but it should help if trying to chase down something not working.
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By Panda MKD
#358892 Hello from Macedonia :D
My name is Nino aka Panda, and i drive eg5 hatch (factory d15), for more than 3 years,but that don`t make me smile,than i built a frankenstein engine H23 block with H22a7 head (Accord Type R CH1),head work,ECU P28 with chip and now i`m running about 210 whp N/A :twisted:
I`m still thinking what next turbo/supercharger,nos fogger or N/A screamer with ITB`s?
What is your opinion? :cheers: