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#272267 I wouldnt mind a custom title....dunno what though :?
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By Apexracing
#282155 Best noob moderator. :lol:
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By brandoff88
#304243 to be honest i spend a good 6 hours a day on here, mainly because i dont have funds to work on my car, so i oogle other peeps cars to get ideas on diy's and other little things...hehe...i swear alot too but probably not as much as some people lol
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By kylenjdm93
#334867 most $$ spent on their car

this is me by far...

call hybrid up, ask for prices 5 years ago lol

38,000 in my eg, still need paint, wheels, interior...

k swaps are expensive...

wish I just saved and bought a r34 gtr or something. but I do love my eg k!