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By Driv-it-hard
#359207 Good morning everyone,
Last night I was search for somethings and was jumping from ebay , letgo, and some other websites. Then I jump on Craig list and did some local searching. I have come across something I have never seen before. I have read all the zombie mobile post and seen the videos, but this thing take the cake.


Check this this out...

Now I have seen it all.
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By Driv-it-hard
teal_dx wrote:Looks like they did a mint job on that thing! can you post the link to the ad? I wanna see more pics!

I was looking at the ad more and it is ad for parts not for the car.
Here is the link to the ad below.
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By TrailerTrash
#359213 wow thats different

and [smilie=puke.gif] [smilie=puke.gif] [smilie=puke.gif]