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By teal_dx
#353173 http:// LINK REMOVED PER SEAN CORBETT'S REQUEST. Scroll down to post #9 and #10 for full explanation why.

There's a long time scammer who has ripped off many members of the Honda scene (as well as other enthusiast groups.) He started scamming a decade ago and it has been so bad that even the FBI and jailtime were involved. He's still at it though.
His name is Sean Corbett and may go by the following aliases:

JDM Reverend, JDMReverend, thejdmreverend, JDMRev, JDM-Rev
Sean Corbett
Sean M. L. Corbett
Sean Michael Corbett
Sean Michael Labine Corbett
Sean Labine Corbett

This guy is such a good at scamming that he always seems to slip by because people still don't know about him. The link at the top of the post is an entire website dedicated to his past scams and updates. He's not on this site that I know of, but always be aware. :thumb: ... opic=56706 ... 6/page222/ bottom of page ... 6/page223/ bottom of page ... g=6&page=1 ... 69/page46/
By HeikDiesel
#353181 Wasn't he a member on here? I've seen that name on HT as well
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By EconoBox
#353198 Makes me sick to see that he is employed by Autonation out there (looks like he is in car sales from his company email). I'm an Autonation employee and I have friends who can't get a job here because of traffic violations how does he get a job despite an FBI involved arrests?!

Glad there is a site out there to warn people. :thumb:
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By TrailerTrash
#6906919 funny cause i just heard about that on the radio 2 hours ago lol
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By teal_dx
#6906924 Maybe Sean has started to turn his life around... in some strange way :headscratch:
I still would never buy anything from him though :D
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By teal_dx
JDM Reverend wrote:Think you could delete this thread since a: it’s 100% hogwash, and b: the link is advocating the murder of myself and my family. Did you really want to be associated with that? Thanks.

Hey Sean, I think it's in the best interest to members of that the thread remains up. Buyers and sellers should be aware of someone who has scammed as many people as you have. I'll remove the original link in the first post though, since the original site with the list of people scammed by you has been replaced with a new page containing your personal address and a suggestion to murder you. The old site was much more useful in educating others, while the new site is in poor taste IMO. :thumbdown:
I was curious what kind of asshole would put information on the internet, "advocating the murder of myself and my family" as you mentioned. So I did some research for you and looked up the ICANN info on the domain and it's owned by none other than Sean Corbett, as of 3-24-18. :lol: The same day you joined & asked that it be removed!

You're trying so hard to cover up your scamming past and erase the evidence from the internet, that you sent repeated false DMCA claims for until the previous owners got tired of having it taken down. Then you bought the domain and put up a page which puts yourself and your family at risk, making it appear as if someone else did, just to portray yourself as a victim so that others would feel sorry for you and stop sharing the link. :werd: You've reached a new low.
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By teal_dx
#6908628 Oh I forgot to add... The house picture and address in that he put up was actually an old address where he has since moved from, so I hope nobody actually went there to murder him. :roll: