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Hatchback AC Question

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:48 pm
by Kentexian
1992 Civic VX Hatchback 1.5L D15Z1/ 315,000 mi -- 100% stock

At the time I bought I noticed a generic switch that the seller had installed. I asked him about it and basically when the AC pressure switch died he had hard wired power to the compressor via the was...not how I would have done it. A wire literally jammed into an open port of the fuse block routed to the switch and into the engine compartment.

My concerns:
-Did he burn out the compressor or clutch?
-Did he over pressurize the system? (almost certainly, and if he did what would the status of the o-rings be?)

My questions:
-Honda Parts Now show o-ring and seal kit as discontinued. I found one on eBay but the fit calls out only coups, was there any significant difference in the seals and o-rings between the hatches and coupes? any reason this wouldn't work for my car?


Re: Hatchback AC Question

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2021 12:23 am
by teal_dx
I'm not an AC expert, but in most vehicles the compressor will not turn on if the pressure is to low. This is to prevent the compressor from burning up due to lack of lubrication. If he hard wired it to turn on with a with, then the compressor may be fried.