Ride of the month nominations & voting.
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By teal_dx
#359662 How it works:
- This is a submission/nomination thread where members' vehicles should be posted.

- Members can post their own vehicles, or other members' vehicles.

- Post 4-5 pictures as well as modifications list.

- After 2+ cars are submitted, the submission thread will then be locked and a new voting thread will be created with all the vehicles. Then you all get to choose the Ride of the Month!

- The winner will have their car featured on Home page. Also they will have their car added to the Civic-EG.com Hall of Fame.

- You can win multiple times as you continue to modify your car, but not more than one time in the last 12 months. See the Hall of Fame for past winners.

Let's see some submissions for September Ride of the Month! :woot: