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By rusty_eg3
#6908608 Hey everyone! I hope this is the right section for this kind of topic.

So anyway, having the car for a while now, I've noticed that the fluid level in the reservoir drops from MAX to MIN in approx. 10-12 months. Since the pump and the hoses were not showing any leaks, I've detached the boots from the rack and as you've probably guessed, the passenger side boot was filled with PS fluid.

My mechanic told me that it's time to replace my inner and outer tie rods and I would like to change the rack also but I can't seem to find a good one right now (a friend has two of them that also leak just a bit). We don't have EG Civics in junkyards like you have in the States and I really can't aford a new rack or rebuild this one right now.

Is this considered a bad leak? Can I get one more year out of this rack, until I find a good used one or maybe afford a new one? The fluid has been changed recently using the turkey baster method btw.