Springs, Struts, Swaybars, Bushings, Tower Braces & more
By modmonte
#361369 Hey Guys, hoping I can get some feedback on my initial suspension set up. I'm not sure where to begin, but from what I've read and the folks I've talked to I should start at -1 camber, -1 caster, 2mm toe out on the fronts. The rears should be about -0.5 and parallel toe. You should probably also know what I'm working with:

-SK2 UCA - Pro Series
-EX LCA - Energy Suspension Bushings
- EX OEM Sway Bar
-94 Teg Knuckle, New OEM Hubs & Wheel Bearings
- Willwood Breaks & Rotors
- New MOOG Inner & Outter Tie Rods
- New MOOG Lower Ball Joints
- SK2 Pro C Coil Overs
- New Hardware....Everywhere

- SK2 Upper Camber Arm
- SK2 LCAs
- SK2 Pro C Coil Overs
- ASR Subframe Brace
- PCI Bushings
- PCI Toe Links
- MOOG Wheel Bearings & Hubs

I'm running out of money so I'll be using some GSR meshi's until I get some more funds up. I have access to a circle track shop and have scale pads, camber/caster gauge, and a shock rig.

I'm looking for some feedback on initial settings, and if anyone has experience using these Pro C's. I've been watching and getting a ton of inspiration from TEAL DX and would really appreciate anyone's feedback.

Thanks in advance for keeping any snide smart ass comments to yourselves.