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By cjw_89
#337258 I recently picked up a 2000 crv and it has the factory power lock system. I was wondering how I'd go about using that fob and all that goes with it. I'm no stranger to electrical but no master either lol. Thanks
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By asianrob
#337524 if the CRV is anything like the Civic, you'd have to use the Stock radio, but now on the EG's i dont remember it having an available Key less entry. but as far as that goes the 96+ are controlled by the radio.

it would be best just to go aftermarket power locks or go to an EX door guts and wire that up to an aftermarket alarm system
By HeikDiesel
#337532 As far as I know, the 92-93 Civic SIR-S was the only 92-95 civic with keyless entry and of course my car didn't come with the fob, but I have seen pictures of them
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By ExCoupe94
#345729 Dude I would just go aftermarket. basic keyless entry brains will run about 30$ and the actuators are 15$ a piece hardest part of the install is running wires in the door.
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By AnnaleeBum
#425458 Thanks everyone for clearing that up Makes more sense now.

The funny thing is that the mic still has been functioning on the "weak" usb port.. but has been recording with less power?

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