ECU, Wiring, Sensors
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#71739 Can someone make this a sticky? Im not sure how to do it.
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By ohDirka
Greasedmonkey wrote:Can someone make this a sticky? Im not sure how to do it.

Done :thumb:
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#71791 Much Thanks! I couldnt figure out how to do that. I guess I cant.
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By suspendedHatch
#111141 One small correction. It says "all VX's use 5 wire O2's". This isn't true. The 92 CA model VX and all 92-95 model VXs are 5 wire O2. However, 93-95 CA model VX's use a standard 4 wire O2.

How do you know if your car is California or federal? Read your emissions label (the sticker on the underside of the hood). It will say "this vehicle conforms to ________ model year standards" or something very close to that. And if that sticker is missing then you will have to interpret your VIN... on the other hand, just count the damn wires on your O2 sensor!
#302192 Hello there.
There is a small problem.
Specify what to do with the cel code?
20 and 40, A 20 What is happening? Water and tear.?
And what is 40?
The engine is not running.
AC does not load, main relay clicks ..
I do not speak turns